Solomon, Jimmy and Aleks: way out on the fringe of Australia, looking for a way in. Hip hop and graffiti give them a voice. Booze, women and violence pass the time while they wait for their chance. Under the oppressive summer sun, their town has turned tinder-dry. All it'll take is a spark.

As the surrounding hills roar with flames, the change storms in. But it's not what they were waiting for. It never is.

'This stunning debut novel has such swaggering exuberance that it will make most other fiction you read this year seem criminally dull. You have been warned.'


Revelatory and incendiary, Here Come the Dogs is a window into the youth of contemporary multicultural Australia, through the lives of three disaffected, hedonistic, aspirational and sometimes violent young men on the edge.

Fresh in form and content, a hip-hop novel by a unique literary talent – Malaysian-Australian rapper and slam poet Omar Musa.

Omar Musa

ISBN: 9780670077090

the dogs

RRP: $29.99

'Omar Musa's writing is tough and tender, harsh and poetic, raw and beautiful, it speaks to how we live and dream now. This novel broke my heart a little but it also made me ecstatic at the possibilities of what the best writing can do. His voice is genuine, new and exciting; his voice roars.'


And now the consuming danger
the fierceness of summer
riding on our shoulder,
my thumbs on her ankles
the minutes trickling down our backs

watching a dreamcatcher spin on the ceiling,
my skin sticking to hers,
I say, 'I bought a dog tonight.'


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